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 Service Areas The Pinehills & Plymouth, MA

Some Info About PupWalker LLC


Pupwalker: Dog Walking & Pet Sitting in 

The Pinehills & Plymouth. 

We provide: Dog Walkers, Pet sitters  and Home Concierge services.

Started  in the The Pinehills of Plymouth in 2000 as The Office Extension & Complete Concierge Services and have since narrowed our services to what we loved doing the most...providing your pets with a loving and nurturing environment. That's how Pupwalker started and for over 16 years. Our mission and goals have always stayed the same: take care of our customers pets and homes like they are our own.  We are not the biggest service (that has never been a goal) around but we are the "best pet and home care providers in Plymouth and the Pinehills"

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What is different about our Pupwalkers?

What is different about our Pupwalkers? We don't hire by advertising for help.  All are walkers are connected.  We are all friends and/or family.  We have known each other for years or a lifetime.  We are all local residents, many are Lifetime Plymouthians. We have deep rooted ties to the Plymouth Community. We trust and support each other. You can feel safe and confident with the Pupwalker who enters your home and takes care of your furry family members.

Professional and Insured

We are Professional at what we do....we have been at this for a while.  We have a full time scheduler who's job is to keep us all up to date and inform Pupwalkers of any changes or special requests you may have.  We continually monitor our email and pup-phone. Our owner is pet CPR and First Aide Certified and all Pupwalkers are insured. through Pet Sitters Association. We can provide years of great references.

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