Meet Our Pupwalkers

Meet the Owner - Erin


Name: Erin

My Pets: 

Dog - Cloe (rescue pup) 

8yrs old, Corgi/Sheltie Mix

Dog - Sarafina(FI)(rescue pup)

2 Yrs Old, Dachshund/Chia 

Services I Provided:

Dog Walking

Doggie Sleepovers in my Home

Pet Sitting in your home

Dog Taxi

Home Services

About Me: Growing Up in Plymouth was the best.....We rode horses through the woods, walked our dogs on the beach and went swimming in the many ponds and area beaches. Now I get to do all those things again with my Furry Family Members and Yours. Combining my degree in Business (UNH) / my corporate experience and my love for animals has been one of the best decision I have ever made.  

How many people get to do something they love for a career?  I do!

Pupwalker - Susan


Name: Susan

My Pets: Dogs - 2 (adorable Yorkies )

Services I Provided:

Dog Walking

Doggie Sleepovers in My Home

Pet Sitting & Sleepovers in Your Home

About Susan: Susan has two adorable dogs  Owning two dogs with food allergies inspired Susan to educate herself about pet allergies and nutrition and learn how to prepare all natural, home cooked meals for them. Susan also owns a home on a private beach which allows her dogs and their playmates to enjoy long walks on the beach and swimming. Susan enjoys spending time with all types of dogs and can't believe she gets paid to do something she is so passionate about.

Pupwalker - Elaine


Name: Elaine

Services I Provided:

Dog Walking

Doggie Sleepovers in my Home

About Elaine: Elaine spent 34 years as a Manager for Verizon in customer Services and Project Management. Four years ago she retired from Verizon and decided to re-invent herself.  She is married with two grown sons who also help with Pupwalker when needed. So she is used to a hectic way of  life.  After years of craziness serving the public she decided to concentrate on a much more enjoyable and rewarding career of

walking dogs. She has been a constant with Pupwalker since, working days, nights and weekends

whatever is needed.  A pet owner for 12 years this was a natural transition, and she has walked every

single client for Pupwalker at some point in time.  Elaine prides herself on being familiar with all

the clients and enjoys the interaction with the dogs as well as the owners. 

Pupwalker - Michelle


Name: Michelle


Dog - Maxie 12yr old Yellow Lab

Dog - Minnie 11yr old Rat Terrier (Rescue)

Services I Provided

Dog Walking

Pet Sitting

About Me: Michelle is a proud mother of 3 children, 3 dogs and a cat. There have been so many more animals throughout the years including hamsters, bunnies and birds, Oh My! Needless to say, Michelle and her family are huge animal lovers. Michelle has spent the last 15 years as a busy, full time stay-at-home Mom and started dog walking in October of 2016 after a very difficult loss. Walking dogs has been so therapeutic and healing for Michelle and she credits the sweet, wet-nosed, furry friends and Mother Nature for that. It's truly been a blessing. Michelle also teaches Les Mills Body Flow and yoga classes on the South Shore. Michelle lives in Kingston with her husband Michael and their family.